8 Channel Tip Controller

8 Channel Tip Controller



  • 4 modes
  • Multi-Protocol
  • 3s Powered
  • Forward programming*
  • Sequential pyro firing with:-
    • Safe Start
    • Safe Fire
    • Sure Fire

*Only ExBus/P2Bus

The RC Light Systems 8 channel controller is an all in one light and pyrotechnic controller, perfect for lighting large models, taking a single PPM or serial feed, and giving out 8 channels for controlling either RGB lights, single channel switches, or pyrotechnic firing. With 3 different modes, the 8 channel board can be used on multiple systems. The modes are:


  • 2 RGB, 2 Pyro
  • 1 RGB, 5 Pyro
  • 1 RGB, 4 Pyro, 1 Switch


For a standard 50-100cc set up, using 2 RGB and 2 pyro gives the flexibility to have the top and bottom of each wing separate, whilst still having 2 channels of pyrotechnics. For displays with more pyrotechnics, the second mode is 1 RGB and 5 pyros. Finally, 1 RGB, 4 Pyros and 1 switch adds the option for a landing light, or other features that can be controlled by a switch.


Using the standard RC Light Systems firing algorithms, pyros will never ignite at the wrong time, with Safe-Start, Safe-Fire and Sure-Fire. Safe Start ensures the pyro will not ignite on power up, no matter the switch position, meaning the system can be safely wired up before the flight takes place. With Safe-Fire, the pyro will only ignite when the correct firing sequence is carried out. To fire, the pyro channel has to be toggled from -100 to +100 and back, between 0.5 seconds and 1.5 seconds. If toggled too slow or too quick, the pyro won’t fire. This prevents the pyros from being accidentally fired if the switch is knocked, allow 2s to pass and reset. This sequence can be practiced using the indication light on the board, when a pyro is successfully fired, the LED will flash red.

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