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About RC Light Systems

RC Light Systems is a family business. Initially started by Simon Wood, an avid RC fixed wing pilot in response to requests for night flying systems.

As demand grew Simon's eldest sons, Tom and Charlie started getting more involved, and are now handling most of the enquiries and orders. 

Our first night flying venture was back in 2010 at an RCMF fly in in the north of England. This was a simple foamy with 12v RGB pixel lights. It quickly became apparent that turning the lights off (and on) would be helpful, and having a way to light fireworks on the wing tips would be good as well. The first system was born.


In 2013 we worked with Craig Baverey to add lights and pyros to his 40% Krill Extra. This was flown at Southern Model Show and lead the way in our larger systems. 

The delcaration by the CAA that pyrotechnics on models must have electronic ignition (many were ground lit with timed fuses) helped drive work on the 2 channel controller and this has become a standard for in-air pyrotechnic ignition.

Rapidly iterating through custom electronic designs we arrived at the tip controller which has been the basis of our night flying systems for the last 4 years.   

We've been involved in a number of full size custom projects as well, working with the likes of Aerosparx and Marek Choim. 

Order Handling and Delivery

We will do our best to give you a good service. Tom and Charlie both have day commitments (work and college respectively) so generally we will collate and pack your order in the evening of the day it is received. If it comes in after 9pm UK then it's likely to be the following day. We will book shipment at the same time.


For DHL shipments the courier collects from us the following day, so if you order midday Monday the courier will pick up Tuesday early evening. For 'Standard Delivery' we use Royal Mail to book the postage (it will use whoever is you local national service for international orders, that's handled by Royal Mail). We will always personally drop the parcel to the RM delivery office so we can collect the proof of postage (that's just our insurance in case of delivery issues).


Note, some products are marked as 'built to order'. For these we carry stock but we might have delayed final assembly / configuration until the order is placed. You should allow us up to 5 days extra to process your order for shipment, although we will of course try to be much faster than 5 days. We will contact you if there are going to be any delays, or if we have questions about your order.

Some of the items we make are configurable (in fact, most are). We provide instruction manuals on the web site, but are happy to pre-configure the devices for your need - just let us know. Some intended installations will require extra items (for example ESC Telemetry Converter talking to a HobbyWing ESC needs a female to female patch cable with the positive disconnected) - we can provide these items for you at a very fair price - just let us know how we can best help.

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