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2 Channel Pyro ignitor

2 Channel Pyro ignitor



  • RX Power driven
  • Overload / short protected
  • 1-3S Lipo powered 
  • Single channel PWM input / Serial Bus channel selection
  • Safe start - will not fire on power up regardless of switch position
  • Safe fire - will only fire with correct toggle sequence
  • Sure fire - pulsed output to ensure ignition of e-match
  • 2A per channel peak drive  
  • 24MHz 32bit MCU

Built with safety in mind the 2 channel mini tip controller is designed for standard pyrotechnic e-match ignition (500mA 'all-fire' specification, not talon igniters). The board is powered through the RX connection and is current limited to protect the output FETS and RX power. 1S lipo operation is possible and DSMX sat micro version available to order.

Three separate algorithms ensure safe and reliable operation:

  • Safe start - the board will isolate the outputs and not initialise until it sees a valid signal indicating an 'off' position. 
  • Safe fire - the channel must go high for at least 500mS but not longer than 1500mS to fire the output
  • Sure fire - when a valid trigger is seen the appropriate output is pulsed twice, on for 250mS each time. This ensures ignition of the e-match without risk of post fire short circuits at the match head.

The system uses a sequential fire logic, each toggle advancing to the next output: P1 - P2

Shipped with PWM servo input as default setting. User selectable for various serial bus protocols:

  • SBus
  • ExBus
  • XBus
  • DSMX satellite

Option to provide a single servo drive if using serial bus interface (intended for wingtip streamer release type applications)

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