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2s Parallel Charge Board

2s Parallel Charge Board



2S pack support

JST-XH balance connectors

Up to 8 packs at a time

Maximum 500mAh per pack

XT60 plug to charger

Out of Stock

Read instructions before use


Designed to simplify the charging of indoor / foamy packs, charges up to 8 2S packs at a time through their balance lead.


The board has 'PTC' devices to protect the cells during connection and charging. This allows you to connect the packs regardless of their state of charge, they do not have to be the same.


Each output output has a maximum of 500mAh. 


As standard the 2s Parallel charge board comes without connectors. However, you have the choice of adding your favourite connector for free! (may take an extra day shipping)

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