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ESC Telemetry Converter

ESC Telemetry Converter


Access telemetry information from Castle Creations, HobbyWing*, Avian, Scorpion, APD HV, ZTW and any Betaflight/BLHeli/KISS ESCs. Works with Powerbox Core, JETI (ExBus and Ext), Spektrum (XBus and SRXL2), Futaba, JR, FrSky and Graupnew Hott radios. Available with a standard telemetry servo connector or with a Spektrum-XBus connector.


See flight pack voltage, temperatures, current draw** and capacity consumed.

Provides BEC pass through 5A continuous, 10A peak, and ability to generate throttle signal from some serial bus connections.


NOTE: Not all ESCs or Radios are supported in all firmware builds. You need the correct firmware for your ESC and radio. This can be user changed/updated using our bootloader and dongle, or we are happy to pre-configure befpore shipping. Just let us know what radio and ESC and we will sort it.


The standard variant is for all systems EXCEPT Spektrum using the 4 pin XBus telemetry system. You ONLY need the XBus version if you are using Spektrum and are using the 4 wire XBus telemetry system. PLEASE NOTE - we are currently unable to source the XBus patch cable at sensible prices so the XBus version will be provided with out patch cable.


Provides access to Avian reverse function for other (serial bus based) radio systems. You will need to activate reverse on the ESC - it is a brake mode.


The ETC can provide Spektrum TX support for airframes equipped with two independent Avian ESCs. You must contact us for details before placing an order if you intent to run multiple Avian ESCs. You must never y-lead avian ESCs into an SRXL2 feed (direct to SMART RX or via the ETC).


You need a 22awg patch lead to connect between ETC and RX. For the XBus connector version you will need a Spektrum XBus lead to connect to the RX.


* Some HobbyWing ESCs have firmware issues that prevent or complicate the configuration of all telemetry items (80A LV v4 for example).

** Depending on ESC reporting capabilities.  


The ESC Telemetry Converter provides telemetry data from Castle Creations, HobbyWing, Scorpion, APD HV, BLHeli32, ZTW and Spektrum Avian ESCs to Powerbox, Jeti, Futaba, JR, Spektrum, Graupner Hott and FrSky radios - all from one device. (note that the ETC has been tested to work with the latest HW derived Align BL Escs - specifically the 130A).


HobbyWing – some of the ESCs do not have recent firmware releases from HobyWing (you need to be on .7 release to get all their telemetry bug fixes). This is a problem for the V4 LV 80A ESC. We also have reports of issues with the telemetry reporting from the HV 200A (4.1 firmware) ESC. For HV ESCs we recommend to use the HobbyWing opto isolator board - HW Part Number: 3085020


Castle Creations – you will need to use the Castle Link USB adaptor and PC software to enable live link mode on the ESC before it will send telemetry information to the ETC.


APD HV – it is CRITICAL that you use an opto isolator between the ESC telemetry port and the ETC (see related products below).


KISS support is provided for BLHeli/Betaflight ESCs. Note that not all ESCs provide a full implementation, for example the APD F series does not correctly report current, this is known issue with the ESC.

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