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GPS Black box

GPS Black box


The GPS Black Box provides local and remote logging capability (radio system dependent) as well as black box recording of RC data.  


Works with:


  • Powerbox P2Bus (remote logging / sensor)
  • Spektrum SRXL2 (remote logging / sensor)
  • Jeti ExBus (remote logging / sensor)
  • Spektrum SRXL
  • JR XBus
  • Futaba SBus
  • SUMD


The unit is compliant with the UK LMA requirement DR‐LMA‐5400 'flight data recorder'


Shipped with 32Gb SDCard.


Note that SanDisk SDCards are not currently supported.


The RC Light Systems GPS Black Box provides GPS Logging and black box style RC data recording. The unit is able to log GPS data locally on an SDCard and for certain radio systems act as a GPS sensor to allow logging on the transmitter and or display of GPS based information.

The unit is designed to be compliant with UK LMA regulation requiring the installation of use of a GPS logger for all over 25Kg models. The requirement is defined as follows:

DR‐LMA‐5400 Flight data recorder

The UAS must be fitted with a flight data recording system that must ensure accurate and intelligible recording of the GPS time/ date and the speed and 3‐dimensional position of the UA every 2 seconds.

By default the unit will locally log GPS to an SDCard when power is applied. GPS data is captured twice per second.

The unit currently does not work with SanDisk or GigaStore cards - we hope to cure this in a firmware udpate. Kingston and Kexin cards work very well.

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