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I-Light Micro Kit

I-Light Micro Kit

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Available 14th June at Weston Park from us or Aerobatx, and then on the website from 17th June.


The I-Light Micro kit provides full colour LED lighting for night flying 30" to 48" models. 


The system runs from the JST-XH balance connector on the 3S lipo flight pack and provides TX controlled lighting .




  • Power:           9W per blade
  • Voltage:         12.6v (3S lipo)
  • Max current: 800mA per blade
  • Weight:  10g per blade, 11g for controller
  • Control method: servo channel or serial bus



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I-Lights are the latest night flying lighting system from RCLightSystems. No more building frames or soldering wires. Simply fit the blades to the wing tips, run wires back to the fuselage and connect the controller to your rx. 

The I-Light Micro set is powered from your 3S flight pack using the balance plug and gives you full TX based control of the lighting. 


The kit includes:

  • 2 I-Light Micro blades
  • 1 I-Light Controller
  • 1 Mounting pack

Simple mounting using 2 3mm pins per wing tip, can be completely installed in 10 minutes. 


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