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Spektrum RPM Sensor Adaptor

Spektrum RPM Sensor Adaptor


RPM sensor adaptor for Spektrum RX ONLY.


Please note that the older version of this adaptor (heatshrink only) works with the combined RPM/Temp ports. Newer receivers have separate RPM and Temp ports and require version 1.1 of this adaptor (has a label as well as heatshrink).


Provides opto isolation and ESD protection between the tacho output on an ignition unit and the 3pin JST-ZHR connector on the RX. The wire to connect to the RX  is NOT supplied, please use a Spektrum 3pin satellite lead of the appropriate length for your installation. 


This is NOT the unit featured by Brenden on Just Plane Crazy

The RC Light Systems RPM Telemetry sensor is a way to quickly and easily get the RPM from your petrol engine to your telemetry capable Spektrum Receiver/TM1000.


Compatible with all ignition units with a tachometer lead (GP, RCEXL, etc). The unit provides buffering to work correctly with GP ignitions, and two levels of HV protection; TVS HV suspression on the input and an opto isolator between the two sides.

Compatible with all Spektrum receviers with an RPM port

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