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Serial Expander v2

Serial Expander v2



  • 4 output channels
  • 4.8 – 8.4V
  • Multi-protocol
  • Auto channel detection
  • Additional power connector

The RC Light Systems Serial Expander provides a simple way to access additional channels from your receiver. The Serial Expander connects to your receiver using a serial link such as SRXL, P2Bus and SBus to name a few.

The Serial Expander has 4 servo outputs which can be assigned to any of the channels available in the serial link from the receiver.

The Serial Expander supports the following serial links:

  • SBus – Futaba / FrSky
  • XBus – JR/DFA
  • SRXL – Spektrum
  • ExBus – Jeti
  • P2Bus – PowerBox Core
  • SRXL2 – Spektrum SMART RX

If using PowerBox Core, Jeti, or JR/DFA radios the Serial Expander can be configured from the radio. In XBus mode the Serial Expander looks like a CV4 XBus expander unit (providing mid and end point matching and channel reversing features).

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