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TM5 - 5 channel XBus temperature sensor

TM5 - 5 channel XBus temperature sensor


Designed for Spektrum PowerSafe RXs


5 Channels of temperature data, and RPM (1 to 1 million RPM) display via Multi-Cylinder or TextGen screen.


Mapping of highest temperature and RPM to Spektrum standard telemetry values.


Supports XBus and SMART.


Uses the Spektrum standard temperature sensors by default (NOT PROVIDED), but can use any NTC sensor, parameters are configurable.



Smart RXs will not always forward the temp and rpm values tp the basic temp/rpm record. The XBus implementation does not forward rpm/temp values. The SMART implementation only forwards if there are no build in ports for temp/rpm. A fix will be available from Spektrum at some point in the future to forward packets from SMART if there are built in ports (that are not connected). XBus implementation will no be fixed.

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The RC Light Systems TM5 provides a mechanism to display upto 5 different temperature measurements on your Spektrum radio. Designed with multi-cylinder engine users in mind the TM5 uses the TextGen screen to provide the 5 channels of temperate measurement, and an RPM display from 1 to 1 million RPM. 


The TM5 is intended to use the standard Spetrum temperature sensors (SPMA9571) but can use any NTC sensor. The NTC parameters can be set using the bootloader software. 


The temperture is displayed for each channel along with the maximum value seen since power-on or 'reset'. Reset can be mapped to a channel to enable switch based reset from the transmitter. The highest temperature can be mapped to the Spektrum standard single temperature. This allows alarms to be set for over-temp.


The TM5 also provides RPM to the TextGen screen and can support down to 1RPM (Spektrum has a lower limit of 915RPM which is higher than some multi-cylinder engines idle). The RPM input requires an external opto isolator (not provided). The RPM can be mapped to the Spektrum standard RPM allowing alarms to be set.


Note, this unit has been designed specifically for use with Spektrum radio. The unit will work with SRXL2 (SMART) but is intended to be used with an XBus connection to the RX.

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