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Turbine Sensor

Turbine Sensor


Turbine sensor for Jetcat turbines (v6, v10 v12). 



  • Powerbox Core/Atom,
  • Spektrum SRXL2/Xbus,
  • JR DMSS,
  • Jeti Ext and Exbus


Full optical isolation and double ESD suppression on turbine data connection (protecting RX against static discharge issues).

The sensor provides telemetry information from turbines, currently Jetcat (v6-12). more will be added over time and available as free firmware update. 

The following data is collected from the turbine:

  • RPM
  • EGT
  • Pack voltage
  • Pump voltage
  • Running status
  • Throttle value
  • Fuel flow rate
  • Fuel remaining
  • Shutdown status




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