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USB Dongle Gen 2

USB Dongle Gen 2



  • CH430 chip based USB serial dongle
  • USB-C Port
  • Used by RCLSBootloader to update devices
  • Power switching (simplifies connect process with bootloader)

The RC Light Systems USB Dongle provides a simple way to update your RCLightSystems products.


This dongle is a standard half duplex serial USB converter. 


Note that it is possible to use other dongles to do this (we have tested the JETI USBa - that works fine), or you can built one yourself (put a 10K resister between the RX and 5v pins, and a 1N914 diode from RX to TX on an ebay CP210x based USB serial dongle and run a male servo cable to 5v, Gnd and RX connections).

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