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I-Light Micro Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our I-Light Micro night flying kit. Designed for 30-48" airframes, and more specifically RCFactory L and XL models, this kit provides a perfect starting point for night flying. The system is powered from the 3S flight pack using the balance connect and draws under 2A at full bright white.

The kit consists of 2 I-Light Micro blades - these mount to your wingtips. A mounting kit, simply pegs and silicon bands to hold the blades in place, and a central controller that attached to any free channel on your RX and gives you full control of the night flying experience.

We've been testing these in different sizes for over a year now, our team pilot Joe Hampson flew in the 2023 Weston Park night show using the standard size variant.

Installation is quick an easily, just drill 4 holes, glue in 4 pegs, make and run a y-lead to the wing tips, stick on the controller and plug in. Now go fly!

You can find more details on the product page.

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