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Using the ESC Telemetry Converter with Castle Creations ESCs

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The ESC Telemetry Converter works really well with telemetry capable Castle Creations ESCs however you do have to change the mode of the ESC to enable the telemetry. This article will walk you through the configuration steps needed.

ETC Configuration

First you must configure the ETC to work with your radio and the Castle Creations ESC. The ETC default configuration is JETI radio and Castle ESC. The simplest way to change the setting is to use the bootloader software. You will need a USB serial (half duplex) dongle to do this - you can get one from us, or use any other half duplex dongle (JETI, Powerbox etc).

If you have not already got a copy of the bootloader, you can download the latest version here: bootloader. Extract all the files to a folder (it is important you preserve the folder structure from the zip file). Run the RCLSBootloader executable.

Plug in the dongle and then select it from the drop down menu:

Now click the open button and connect the ETC to the dongle using the RX lead (not the 'X' lead). If you have the Spektrum XBus version of the ETC connect the RX side connection to the dongle.

The boot loader should detect the ETC and display information regarding the firmware:

From here click manage and the configuration screen will open:

Set the sensor mode to match your radio system, and make sure ESC type is set to Castle Creations. Click 'Close'. You will be asked to save changes - click Yes.

You should see the green light on the ETC flash red as the configuration is saved. You can now exit the bootloader and disconnect the ETC.

ESC Configuration

You will need a Castle Link to enable telemetry in the Castle ESC. Plug this into your PC and run the Castle Link app. Plug your ESC into the Castle Link device (you do not need a flight pack connected to the ESC). You should see the appropriate screen for your ESC appear:

Click on the 'Other' tab and make sure that 'Link Live Enable' is enabled.

Click 'Update' to save the settings to the ESC. Note that once this change is made your ESC will not work with a normal servo feed until you change it back (to disabled).

You can now connect the ESC to the ETC and the ETC to the correct port on your RX.

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