RCLightSystems Bootloader

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

All of the 'accessory' devices that we sell have user updateable firmware. Over time we will migrate the lighting products to support user updateable firmware, but in many cases this requires hardware changes on our side.

The bootloader on the devices communicates with a Windows PC based application that allows you to change / update the firmware on the device and to access/modify configuration details of the device.

The Windows software uses a USB dongle to talk to the device. This a fairly standard USB to serial (half duplex) dongle. We provide one, but many others will work (for example the JETI dongle).

This article guides you through using the application to update firmware and configure your device. Note that the detail of the firmware or the specifics of the configuration will depend upon the device, but the process is identical for all.

Grab the software

First you need to download the software from our website. You can find the latest version HERE. Once downloaded, unzip the file to a folder on your machine. It is important that you preserve the folder structure in the zip file as you extract the contents.

Determine the correct serial port